Peartree (all roads except Broadwater Crescent)

Roads included in the consultation area

The following roads are included in the consultation area:

Barnard Green

 Barnfield Road

 Bassingburn Walk

 Bedwell Close

 Bedwell Close

 Beechfield Road

 Burgundy Croft

 Cranborne Gardens

 Duncan Close

 Essendon Gardens

 Ethelred Close

 Furzefield Road


 Heronswood Place

 Heronswood Road

 Holwell Road

 Home Ley

 Home Meadow

 Knella Green

 Knella Road

 Longlands Road

 Longmore Gardens

 Ludwick Way

 Mill Green Road

 Moss Green

 Oaktree Garth

 Peartree Court

 Peartree Lane



 Ravenfield Road

 Rosemoor Close

 Salisbury Gardens

 Salisbury Road

 Sandpit Road

 Shortlands Green

 St Audreys Green

 The Spinney

 Verulam Close

 Well Garth

 Woodhall Court

 Woodhall Lane