Pay or appeal a parking fine (Penalty Charge Notices)

Parking fine (Penalty charge notices)

We work in partnership with East Herts Council and APCOA Parking Services, who are responsible for the enforcement of parking restrictions in the borough.

Pay a parking fine (Penalty Charge Notice)

Use the link below to pay a parking fine issued in our council car parks or by our Civil Enforcement Officers.

Penalty Charge Notices carry a penalty charge of £70 or £50 dependent on the severity of the offence.  

The charge is reduced by 50% if payment is made within 14 days. You can appeal within the discount period and the discount will be put on hold whilst the challenge is being considered.

Pay a parking fine

If you have any difficulties paying your parking ticket online call 01279 655 261.


Appeal a parking fine (Penalty Charge Notice)

The Penalty Charge Notice shows the details of the alleged contravention. It will show the date, time and location it happened. If you feel it was wrongly issued or that there are special circumstances you can challenge it. If you appeal within the discount period, the period is put on hold whilst the challenge is being considered. 

This may result in it being cancelled, or your challenge being turned down, in which case you will be informed about your rights to take the matter further.

Use the link below to view images or make a challenge taken by the Civil Enforcement Officer or appeal (challenge) the fine.

You will need:

  • the Penalty Charge Notice number
  • and your vehicle registration to view photos and details.

Appeal or view more details about a parking fine


Or, you can write promptly to the address below. You will still be able to pay at the reduced rate should your challenge be turned down.

Welwyn Hatfield Council 
PO Box 1186