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Levels of pre-application advice

Pre-application advice is provided by a planning officer, who discuss it with a more senior colleague first. This advice cannot prejudice the council's formal decision if you make an application.

We can provide advice as follows depending on how much detail and support you want. 

Detailed Written Advice

This will provide you with detailed written advice, including on the detail of your proposal, and we aim to provide this within 30 working days of your request.  To provide advice accurately we will visit the site before we advise you.  

If you would like a meeting, this would be an additional cost as detailed in the table of fees.


This provides us the opportunity to meet to discuss your proposals.  Usually this will be a meeting held in the office or over Teams.  The meeting will explain our advice and explore improvements and alternatives with you.

Your planning officer will advise whether the meeting will be best held on site at the time of the visit, or later in our office or over Teams.  The meeting length will be as specified in the table of fees. 

It is rarely necessary for anyone other than your architect or planning agent to attend the site visit.  Once you have requested advice, your planning officer will advise if anyone else should attend.

Get pre-application planning advice

We strongly recommend you get advice from us before making a planning application. It will help you to avoid costly mistakes, save time and identify potential problems early on.

Apply for pre-application planning advice