Planning considerations sustainable development

Sustainable development

Building Regulation Applications now include requirements for sustainable new development, such as water use.

Energy and water use

You may be asked to show how sustainable your development is going to be as part of your submission. It is better to include energy and water saving features early.

Solar panels

Typically you do not need planning permission now to install solar panels.

You may still require permission for:

  • listed buildings
  • buildings in conservation areas

You will also need planning permission if you live in the Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme and will be encouraged to add the panels to the rear of your property to reduce visual impact.

Find out more about planing permission for solar panels on the planning portal

Removal of construction waste

All building projects will produce waste.

You should try to recycle or reuse this waste where possible.

You have a legal duty to ensure the waste is disposed of correctly by a licensed waste carrier.

Businesses must give whoever disposes of your waste a Transfer Note with a description of the waste that is signed by you both.

More information about your responsibility to prevent fly-tipping of waste


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