To ensure that the development outlined in the draft Local Plan meets the needs of the Borough and results in well designed, high quality, sustainable and well-connected environments, the council is committed to ensuring that key sites in the Borough as identified in the draft Local Plan undergo a Masterplanning process.

By outlining principles and requirements for development, a masterplan document sets a template for guiding development and helps ensure sites are delivered in a comprehensive and well-planned manner.

The masterplanning process involves working collaboratively with other statutory authorities, community representatives, local interest groups and the landowner and/or site promoter to develop a vision and strategy for or the development of the site.

Masterplans will be produced in accordance with the site specific requirements set out in the draft Local Plan along with all other relevant Local Plan policies.

On 5 March 2024, Cabinet endorsed a supplementary planning guidance document, Approach to Masterplanning, which provides further information on what is expected of masterplan documents.

Birchall Garden Suburb, Welwyn Garden City

The Masterplan Framework for Birchall Garden Suburb was approved at the 5 September Cabinet meeting and will now become a material consideration for Development Management purposes.

View the Birchall Garden Suburb Masterplan

Planning Policy Team

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