Planning considerations for listed buildings

Carrying out work on a listed building

You do not need planning consent for:

  • small scale like for like repairs
  • internal painting and decorating
  • replacing a modern kitchen or bathroom

You do need planning consent for many changes including:

  • repairs that include removing or changing historic material such as fireplaces or doors
  • external painting and decorating
  • replacing external windows or doors
  • extensions
  • installing satellite dishes or burglar alarms
  • altering internal walls
  • altering buildings and structures in the garden

It is an offence to carry out this work without our consent.

It is not always easy to work out what work you will need planning consent for, you should contact us at for advice.

Apply for planning consent to carry out work on a listed building

You can apply for planning consent on the planning portal.

Apply for planning consent

Emergency work

You can carry out emergency work and apply for consent afterwards if:

  •  it is urgently necessary in the interest of safety or health or the preservation of the building
  •  it is not practical to fix it through repair or temporary support or shelter
  •  you carry out the minimum work that is immediately necessary
  •  you let us know in writing as soon as possible