Planning enforcement

What is a breach of planning control

Examples of breaches of planning control

Breaches of control include:

  • building works or alterations without planning permission
  • unauthorised works to listed buildings
  • unauthorised material changes of use of land or buildings
  • breaches of conditions attached to planning permissions
  • unauthorised work to protected trees or trees in conservation areas
  • display of advertisements, including hoardings, banners and signs on land without the necessary consents
  • Unsightly or unkempt land or buildings causing a significant loss of amenity

What does not constitute a breach of planning

Not all development requires planning permission. Often building works or changes of use will be 'permitted developments', meaning that they do not need the formal approval of the council. The enforcement team will be unable to take any action in these situations.

Other examples we can not act on include:

  • parking of vehicles on the highway
  • dangerous structures and buildings
  • internal refurbishments of buildings which are not listed
  • using a home as a buisness where the main use is still residential and there is no change to the character of the property or the surrounding area
  • works to or the removal of trees which are not covered by a tree preservation order or located in a conservation area;
  • disputes between neighbours relating to land ownership or boundaries
  • noise, smell or pollution
  • advertisements on highway land or structures (this is dealt with by Hertfordshire Highways)

Some of these concerns can be dealt with by other sections of the council. If this is the case we will try to pass the complaint on to the correct department.