Gambling policy Part B

Travelling fairs

Travelling fairs may provide category D machines provided that facilities for gambling amount to no more than an ancillary amusement at the fair and they must comply with legal requirements about how the machine operates. Fairground operators must source their machines from a Commission licensed supplier and employees working with gaming machines must be at least 18 years old.

Part 27 of the Guidance discusses the prize gaming that may be provided at travelling fairs.

The Council will also consider whether the applicant falls within the statutory definition of a travelling fair. It will also decide whether the gaming provided is an ancillary amusement.

It has been noted that the 27-day statutory maximum for the land being used as a fair, is per calendar year, and that it applies to the piece of land on which the fairs are held, regardless of whether it is the same or different travelling fairs occupying the land. The Council will work with its neighbouring authorities to ensure that land, which crosses our boundaries, is monitored so that the statutory limits are not exceeded.