Gambling policy Part B


Requests for a review of a premises licence can be made by interested parties or responsible authorities; however, it is for the Council as the Licensing Authority to decide whether the review is to be carried out. This will generally be on the basis of whether the request for the review is relevant to the matters listed below, as well as consideration as to whether the request is frivolous, vexatious, will certainly not cause this authority to wish alter/revoke/suspend the licence, or whether it is substantially the same as previous representations or requests for review.

The Council can itself initiate a review of a particular premises licence, or a particular class of premises licence. Consideration to review should be in pursuit of the principles set out in s.153 of the Act or underpinned by reasonable concerns, such as changes to the local environment or residents’ complaints.

In considering the review, the Council will have regard to whether the gambling is:

  • Is being carried out in accordance with the conditions attached to the licence
  • in accordance with any relevant code of practice issued by the Gambling Commission
  • in accordance with any relevant guidance issued by the Gambling Commission
  • putting the compliance with the licensing objectives at risk
  • in accordance with the authority’s statement of licensing policy (principles)
  • for any other reason which gives them cause to believe that a review may be appropriate, such as a complaint from a third party

Reviews will follow the regulations, guidance and the Council’s committee procedures.