Tenancy policy

How will we make our decision on ending a flexible tenancy at the end of the term?

11.1 Under-occupation of the property

The property is under occupied by two or more bedrooms.


The property is adapted and the family member who required that adaptation no longer lives there.

We will take the opportunity to remind all tenants that if they are under occupied, they may be subject to the spare room subsidy (bedroom tax).

11.2 Breach of tenancy conditions

A breach of the tenancy where formal legal action is underway or being considered.


Cases where a court order has already been obtained and either suspended or adjourned on terms whether or not that order has been breached.


Where a full possession order has been obtained but not yet enforced.

11.3 Financial circumstances

Where the tenant is considered to have sufficient resources to provide their own accommodation, taking into account current market conditions. We will use the information in the Housing Allocations Guidelines when assessing the tenants’ income and savings.