Tenancy policy


All social landlords (including local authorities and housing associations) are required to comply with the provisions set out in the Localism Act 2011. The Act makes provision for social landlords to offer ‘fixed term’ tenancies (housing associations) or ‘flexible’ tenancies (local authority landlords). Unlike the previous secure tenancies granted by local authorities, the new flexible tenancies will not offer a home for life and will be granted for a fixed period of time, after which the tenant’s circumstances will be reviewed.

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council’s Tenancy Strategy sets out guidance for all social landlords in the borough about the use of flexible tenancies (council owned homes) and fixed term tenancies (housing associations). This Policy complies with the guidance set out in the Tenancy Strategy.

This policy meets the requirements of the Tenancy Standard.

This Policy sets out:

  • Our approach to using flexible tenancies.
  • The type of information which we will provide to new tenants and housing applicants, to inform them of the new flexible tenancies and the circumstances in which they will be granted.
  • When we will end a flexible tenancy & the process that will be followed.
  • The arrangements for tenants who are transferring to another tenancy (either with the same or another social landlord) and what will happen when a mutual exchange takes place.
  • Information about tenants’ rights to request a review of our decision to grant or end a flexible tenancy.
  • Details of changes to the way in which we manage successions of tenancy and tenancy demotions, following changes to the law.

The Tenancy Agreement sets out in detail the council obligations to tenants in relation to all aspects of the tenancy, including arrangements for granting and ending a flexible tenancy.