The council cuts grass to ensure that people can use roads and pavements safely.

Although environmental issues are of concern, grass cutting is actually carried out for highway safety reasons rather than to enhance the appearance of the area.


What will the council cut?

A large proportion of the land covered by this service forms part of the 'highway' such as grass verges, and is owned by Hertfordshire County Council. In most of the borough, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council carries out maintenance through an agency agreement with the County Council. Serco carries out the work on our behalf in these areas. We will cut the grass on:

  • highways
  • verges
  • public open spaces
  • parks
  • town centres
  • memorial gardens.

Please note, we do not cut the grass that is on privately owned properties/estates.


How often do we cut the grass?

The 'amenity' grassed areas (grass verges, amenity open spaces and the council's communal gardens in housing areas) are cut eleven times per calendar year and the grass cutting season normally covers March to November. This allows flexibility as grass cutting is dependent on the weather and ground conditions. The cutting of grass is staggered across the borough and occurs once about every three to four weeks.

The 'prestige' areas (town centres) are cut twenty nine times a year, at one or two week intervals.

During grass cutting operations the grass will be cut by mowers. Any obstacles, including posts, trees, street name plates, will be strimmed around and any arisings should be blown off the footpaths. The strimming is to be completed by the end of the next calendar day after cutting, and in any event must be completed by the end of the day on a Friday.

Rural highway verges are cut twice a year and on each occasion a metre strip is cut from the back edge of the kerb or pavement.

Areas that have been designated as Conservation Grasslands, Wildflower Grasslands, or Ecotones due to ecological or botanical interest are only cut once a year.


Assisted gardening scheme

We run an assisted gardening scheme for council tenants to maintain their garden if they are unable to do so themselves. Take a look at the scheme details here.