Grass cutting

Regular grass cutting schedule

We cut grass to ensure that people can use roads and pavements safely. It is carried out for highway safety reasons rather than to enhance the appearance of the area.

Grass areas we cut

Many of our grass verges are owned by Hertfordshire County Council.

We work with them to cut the grass on:

  • highways
  • verges
  • public open spaces
  • parks
  • town centres
  • memorial gardens.

We do not cut the grass that is on privately owned properties/estates.

The wildflower grasslands are located here:

  • Southway – Hatfield (includes Travellers Lane roundabout)
  • Woodhall Park
  • Stanborough Green – Land opposite Herts Police HQ
  • The Ridgeway – A section on opposite side to Weltech Centre
  • Waterend Lane – up on banking
  • Old A1 near Red Lion, Ayot Green
  • The Quadrangle – a section of the centre green area
  • Rear of Council offices
  • Areas of the Black Fan Lagoon and Black Fan Road

How often grass is cut

Grass cutting is dependent on the weather and ground conditions.

  • Amenity areas (grass verges, amenity open spaces and the council's communal gardens in housing areas) are cut 12 times a year between March and November. 
  • Areas such as town centres are cut 30 times a year, at one or two week intervals.
  • Rural highway verges are cut twice a year (a metre strip is cut from the back edge of the kerb or pavement).
  • Areas designated as Conservation Grasslands, Wildflower Grasslands, or Ecotones are only cut once a year.

The grass is cut by mowers. Any obstacles, including posts, trees, street name plates, will be strimmed around.