Bin collections

Wrong items in the bin

If your recycling or compost bin has not been emptied because it contains things it should not, we will usually hang a leaflet on your bin saying why.

If we found your bin was contaminated, you can:

  1. Dispose of your recycling by taking it to a local recycling centre.
  2. If you are able to, carefully sort through the bin to remove what shouldn't be in there. This way we'll be able to collect your bin on your next scheduled collection day.
  3. Contact us and we can arrange to empty your bin within 10 working days for a charge of £22.50. As the waste is contaminated, it will go to a landfill site.

Reasons why we don't collect recycling bin/s containing incorrect items:

  • We need to collect good, clean recycling to enable it to be recycled.
  • Incorrect items (like plastic bags/films) can cause problems with machinery at the recycling facility.
  • If a recycling lorry load is found to be contaminated, the whole load can end up going to landfill. This spoils everyone else's efforts to recycle.