Renting an allotment

Allotment waiting list

Our allotments are very popular and have waiting lists.

When you apply for an allotment we will tell you average waiting times for that plot. We can not give an exact date. The average waiting time across the borough is three years.

Choosing your allotment site

Look at our Allotment Locations and Site Details to choose the allotment site that's right for you. Once you join the waiting list it is for that allotment only. If you want to choose another allotment you will join the bottom of the new waiting list.

You should think about:

  • how far the allotment is from your home
  • if you can get to your site with tools
  • if you can still do this in winter when it gets dark earlier.

Accepting an allotment plot

As soon as you reach the top of the list and plot is free we will email you. It important you let us know if your email address changes. We will send you details about the plot.

Once you've received this email you have seven days to get in touch with us before we withdraw the offer.

If a plot is not suitable for you and you would like to wait for something else, contact us and confirm that you would like to stay on the waiting list.

If we do not hear from you within seven days of the email, your details will be removed from the waiting list.

If you want to be taken off the waiting list

Email us at