Renting an allotment

Your responsibilities

Once you have had an offer of an allotment and visited the site with the Allotments Officer to view the plot, you must sign the Allotment Tenancy Agreement and send it back to us.

Once we have a signed copy we will send you the key to the site.

Your main responsibilities are:

  • Pay a yearly invoice (within 40 days of getting the bill)
  • Keep the plot reasonably free of weeds.
  • Cultivate at least 25% of the plot within the first three months, and the whole plot within one year
  • Maintain surrounding boundaries and pathways to the plot
  • Keep the plot free from rubbish and unused items
  • Store any items that are brought onto the allotment neatly
  • Apply for permission before adding a shedgreenhousepolytunnel or planting fruit trees
  • Only light bonfires after getting agreement from us and follow our guidelines on domestic bonfires
  • Apply for permission to keep hens and keep rabbits on the allotment and follow our guidelines on keeping hens and guidelines on keeping rabbits.

Important information for allotment owners

  • most plots will be overgrown when let and you will need to clear them
  • not all plots have water, check allotment locations for details
  • plots are for residents only
  • unfortunately Allotment Tenancy Agreements cannot be transferred to friends or relatives if the allotment owner is ill or passes away.

What to let us know about before accepting your plot

Let us know if before accepting your plot if:

  • you have concerns about the condition
  • If there is rubbish or waste, we are able to remove some large items of non-organic waste if we think it is an unreasonable amount for you to clear.