Help for tenants and leaseholders

If you have problems paying your rent

If you are worried about your finances or having difficulty paying your rent contact the Income Team on 01707 357088 or by emailing They can offer support and advice and where necessary, refer you to our Tenancy Support Officers or other local organisations who may be able to help.

Citizens Advice Welwyn Hatfield work in partnership with the council and offer free, independent advice about dealing with money, benefits, employment and housing problems. Contact them via their website or by calling 01707 954123.

Use our calculator to find out if you can claim any benefits.

Find out about how we can help with rent arrears.

Help for Leaseholders

If you are having problems paying your service charge the Home Ownership Team are here to help. Contact them as soon as possible.

Moving to a smaller home (Rightsizing)

If you are a council tenant you may be eligible to get extra support and funding to move to a smaller property. Find out more about our Rightsizing Scheme.