Council housing rent and finance

What happens if you fall behind with rent payments (rent arrears)

Paying rent is a key part of your tenancy agreement and we take a firm, but fair approach to those who do not pay.

We recognise that tenants may have money problems and can get behind with their rent for many reasons.

Our Housing Income team are there to help, and you should contact us as soon as possible if you are having trouble paying your rent. 

You can also visit the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) website for independent impartial advice.

Falling behind with rent payments

If you fall behind with the rent and you are in arrears you should contact your Housing Officer.

They can:

  • identify benefits you may be able to claim
  •  help you fill in claim forms
  • make an agreement with you to pay your arrears in instalments.

When we may take further action

We will offer you support and help to deal with your arrears. If our efforts to help you fail or you break an agreement with us, we will consider taking further action. You can find out more about this in How we recover rent arrears.

Contact or visit Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

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