Responsibility for looking after your home is one shared with us.

You are responsible for some repairs which include:

  • lost, stolen or broken keys/door entry fobs (this includes gaining entry)
  • Decoration
  • Floor coverings (except for kitchens and bathrooms that are provided by us)
  • light bulbs
  • washing line posts and rotary driers (excluding communal areas)

You are responsible for accidental damage. It is recommended that you take out home contents insurance.



We will not repair or renew any fixtures and fittings that have been damaged on purpose or by neglect. This includes damage caused by tenants, a member of your household, visitors to the property or pets. If we do carry out work as a result of neglect or intentional damage, we will have to charge you unless there are special circumstances. Charges are made to ensure that tenants who cause damage to council properties are held accountable.


Paying for rechargeable repairs

After a rechargeable repair has been carried out, our Rents Team will add the cost of the repair to your rent account, in a separate account called a sub-account, and will send you an invoice.

If your rent account is in credit we will ask you if we can take the payment from the credit on your rent account. If you do not respond after 28 days we will use the credit to pay off all or parts of the cost. We will not send you an invoice.

If you pay your rent by direct debit, we will give you 28 days notice in writing that we plan to add the cost to your monthly direct debit. If you do not contact us we will spread the cost over the remaining direct debit payments for the rest of that financial year. We will tell you what your new monthly payments will be.

We take legal action to recover the cost of rechargeable repairs if that are not paid.



Please read the asbestos log that you have been given before carrying out any DIY that involves drilling, cutting or attaching fixings to a wall or partition. If you do not have this information, please contact our Housing Maintenance Team for a copy. 


Limiting damage to your home

If damage is being caused to your personal property while you are waiting for a repair to be made, you must take whatever action you can to limit the extent of the damage such as moving furniture or items being affected by an escape of water for example. 


Home Contents Insurance

We strongly advise you to take out home contents insurance to cover certain types of losses and damage and offer a Home Contents Insurance scheme at a discount for tenants. We are not liable for your contents that are damaged due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a burst pipe or a leak. We are also not liable for unavoidable damage caused to items as a result of carrying out a repair and will not replace items that are in poor condition because of a lack of care or regular cleaning such as toilet pans, baths, sinks.