Housing repairs

Timescales for repairs

We have different timescales for different repairs, depending on how urgent they are.

We will tell you the priority of each repair when you report it.

Emergency repairs

Timescale: within 24 hours (2 hours in exceptional circumstances)
  • total loss of electric power or water
  • total or partial loss of electric or water heating between 31 October and 1 May
  • broken smoke alarms (continuous screeching noise)
  • carbon monoxide showing red light
  • collapsing ceiling (due to a leak).

Emergency repairs have an immediate health and safety risk to you, your home or a neighbouring property.

We will attend the repair within 24 hours (2 hours in exceptional circumstances) to make it safe and secure. 

If more work is needed once it has been made safe, we will treat this as a non emergency repair.

If your heating does not work and we cannot fix it on the first visit, we may provide temporary heaters for vulnerable tenants in winter.

Urgent repairs

Timescale: within 5 working days
  • total loss of hot water
  • blocked drains, sinks, basins, toilets (where there is another one working in the property)
  • any fault where a tenant is unable to use a garage managed by the council


Routine repairs

Timescale: within 20 working days
  • general joinery repairs (such as easing/adjusting doors and windows)
  • repairs of doors/frames/leaks to garages (managed by the council)
  • minor repairs to footpaths, boundary walls, fences and gates
  • repair of entry doors and/or windows
  • minor brickwork and plastering repairs
  • kitchen and bathroom floor tiles that require repair/replacement.


Major work

Timescale: within 45 working days

We will need to inspect the following work before we raise a works order:

  • large repairs to car parks, service roads, pathways, boundary walls
  • large drainage replacement (due to subsidence).

We may need to ask contractors to tender for some of these work works and consult with leaseholders. If this is the case the works will take longer than 60 days.

Time slots for repairs

You will be given a appointment for the repairs to be carried out for one of the time slots below.

Time slot Time
weekdays AM 8am to 12.30pm
weekdays PM 12.30pm to 5pm
weekdays school run 9.30am to 2.30pm
weekdays evening 5pm to 8pm
Saturdays 9am to 1pm

Our contractor Morgan Sindall will contact you by text or phone 24 hours before an appointment and 1 hour before they arrive.

Report an emergency repair

Call us on 0800 111 4484 to report an emergency repair.

Check what an emergency repair is