Information for Council flat leaseholders

Subletting your leasehold flat

Your lease allows you to let your flat to one sub lessee.

You must tell us if you decide to sublet your flat by completeing the form below and returning it to

Tell us if you are subletting your flat


Your responsibilities

It is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • your tenant is aware of all the rights and obligations in your lease
  • they know about local services
  • they have keys and fobs for the door entry system.

Replacement keys are available from your neighbourhood housing office, there may be a charge.



You must tell us about any changes and keep your contact details updated in order for your buildings insurance to be valid.

Details of your insurance cover while your property is sublet can be found under the 'conditions of insurance' in the Policy Wording.



We communicate with the leaseholder of the property. Our agreement is with you and we cannot deal with your tenants or with any managing agents.

If you move abroad you must give us a local contact in case of problems with your property. We will still send your correspondance to you at your overseas address.


Partnership Accreditation for Landlords (PAL) Scheme

You may be interested in joining the PAL scheme. This is free, voluntary landlord and property accreditation scheme. It aims to improve the standard of privately rented accommodation in Welwyn Hatfield.

Visit the PAL website for more information.