Making changes to applications for council housing (Housing Needs Register)

Cancelling a housing application

You can ask us to cancel your application if you no longer want to apply for council housing.

We will cancel your application if we give you a secure tenancy, or a local Registered Provider has given you an assured tenancy or starter tenancy.

We may also cancel council housing applications if you:

  • are offered secure accommodation from the council, an Registered Provider, or another Local Authority and rehoused
  • have a sole application that is replaced by a joint one, or vice versa
  • are no longer legally allowed to remain on the Housing Needs Register
  • have not told us that you have changed address and we are unable to contact you
  • have succeeded to or been assigned a secure tenancy or an assured tenancy of a local Registered Provider
  • have had a secure tenancy or an assured tenancy of a local Registered Provider vested in your name
  • are a secure tenant or Registered Provider tenant and buy your current property under the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire
  • are a secure tenant and mutually exchange to another property (unless you tell us you want to remain on the Housing Needs Register)
  • are a secure or Registered Provider tenant and have given up your property or been evicted
  • have a change of circumstances which means you no longer qualify for the Housing Needs Register.

We will also cancel you application if you have not made a bid on the Herts Choice Homes scheme for 6 months or more. Except if you are:

  • waiting to downsize from a council/Housing Association tenancy that is too big (under occupation)
  • living in general needs accommodation and want to move to sheltered accommodation
  • a care leaver that we are dealing with under the Joint Housing Protocol with Hertfordshire Council Council
  • living in supported housing schemes who are not ready to move on

Re-applying after your application has been cancelled

You can reapply to join the Housing Needs Register but your new application will not usually be backdated. You also may not get the same priority band as before.