Making changes to applications for council housing (Housing Needs Register)

Being excluded from the Housing Needs Register

You may be excluded from the Housing Needs Register if:

  • you are subject to immigration control.
  • you are under 60 and do not have a recognised housing need or local connection
  • the Housing Allocations Manager has decided your behaviour (or that of your household) has been seriously unacceptable or anti-social and you are unsuitable as a tenant.*

*This includes supplying false or misleading information.
If your behaviour is unacceptable or anti-social but not serious enough to remove you from the Housing Needs Register your application may be given less priority than normal (reasonable preference).

If you are excluded from the Housing Needs Register:

We will write to tell you why we are excluding you and how long for. If your behaviour has been seriously anti-social this might be for an indefinite period.

You can then either:

  • ask for a review of the decision.
  • wait and apply again at the end of the exclusion period (and the Housing Allocations Manager will reconsider your application).