Support services for older and vulnerable tenants or residents

Assistance with decorating (council tenants)

If you are a council tenant who is unable to decorate your own home due to age or vulnerability you may be able to get help through this free scheme.

Who is eligible

To be eligible you must be council tenant who is either over state pension age or has a disability or vulnerability*. You will need to supply evidence to prove this when you apply.

You must:

  • be unable to carry out the work yourself 
  • have no one else who can help you
  • be unable to afford to pay for the work to be carried out.

*This will be decided by our Senior Officer Panel. As this is a discretionary scheme, you can not appeal if we decide you are not eligible.

What help is available

Option 1:

  • you can opt to receive a pre-paid voucher card once every two years
  • the vouchers can be used at a national retailer (you will get a list of where it can be used with the card)
  • it is valid for three months from the date issued
  • we will inspect your property afterwards to make sure that the vouchers have been used for decoration
  • any decorative work we carry out for you as part of a repair or improvement will be taken from your voucher entitlement

Option 2:

  • you can choose a room to be  redecorated by us once every three years
  • any other decorative works we carry out as part of a repair or improvement will count towards this
  • we will visit you before we start ork to discuss your preferences and any special requirements

The decoration work we can carry out:

  • preparing surfaces before decorating
  • moving furniture if you are unable to arrange this
  • wood work painting
  • metal work painting
  • wall painting
  • wall papering (if a wall is not in a good enough condition to be painted).

Apply for assistance with decorating

To apply for the scheme complete the Assisted decoration scheme application form.