Anti-social behaviour

Preventing further incidents of anti-social behaviour

There are several steps we can take to prevent further incidents of anti-social behaviour such as taking legal action and, as a last resort, evicting someone behaving anti-socially from their home. If we need to go to court to take legal action, we may ask witnesses or victims to give evidence. This is not always needed, but will strengthen our case. We will talk this over with you first, to make sure you are comfortable doing so. Other actions we might take include:

  • arranging help and support for the perpetrator to enable them to improve their behaviour
  • drawing up an Acceptable Behaviour Contract or Parental Control Agreement
  • applying to the court for an Order to control behaviour
  • applying to the court for an injunction (this may include the power of arrest)
  • applying to the court for a possession order or suspended possession order, which may lead to eviction.

Any legal action taken by us will be tailored to the individual circumstances of the case and may be taken in partnership with other agencies, police and other organisations.

Providing support

We know that it may be difficult for you to report an incident and where required, to give evidence. We will give you (and other witnesses) as much support and guidance as possible.

This may include:

  • ensuring you have a point of contact within the ASB team
  • agreeing a realistic action plan
  • offering mediation, if appropriate
  • conducting regular case reviews
  • asking other agencies to help you.

Community Trigger for anti-social behaviour

Community Triggers are a way for victims of persistent anti-social behaviour to request a formal case review if they have made three separate reports about an issue in six months and are not satisfied with the response they have received.

The role of the Trigger is to review what action has been taken and determine whether further action is required. Action plans and timescales are discussed with the victim.

The Community Trigger is an important statutory safety-net for repeat victims of ASB and those who are most vulnerable. It does not replace contact the ASB team.