Report a Noise Nuisance

Types of noise nuisance we can investigate

We can investigate

We cannot investigate

Noise from domestic premises such as loud music, TV or radio.

Aircraft noise - see the Civil Aviation Authority for further advice.

Noise from commercial premises.

Road traffic noise - for more information in your area, see Roadworks.

DIY activities taking place over long periods at unreasonable hours.

Complaints where the noise is a problem because the complainant is sensitive due to personal or medical reasons.

Continually ringing alarms in homes and on vehicles.

Noise transmitted by poor sound insulation.

Noise from plant, machinery and equipment.

General daily living noises such as babies crying, children playing, toilets flushing, light switches, footsteps and so on.

Noise from construction and demolition sites.

We only have very limited powers to deal with noise from the railway. If you have a problem with noise from trains please see Network rail for further guidance.

Noise from sporting activities, such as motor bike scrambling, clay pigeon shooting and so on.

People in the street.

Noise in the street, such as loudspeakers, ice cream chimes or buskers.


Dogs that persistently bark or noise from other animals.

Emergency statutory repairs to utilities.

Noise from warehousing, factories or industrial premises.


Except in exceptional circumstances, we will not investigate noises associated with everyday living and the reasonable use of a residential property.