Report a Noise Nuisance

Report a noise nuisance

You can report a noise nuisance if it is:

  • unreasonable
  • causes significant disturbance to you and your household
  • interferes with the enjoyment of your home

Before you report a noise nuisance:

  • If the noise is from your neighbour we recommend you talk to them and try to resolve the issue between yourselves.
  • Check if it is anti-social behaviour and the next steps you can take using the anti-social behaviour self-help portal

If you suspect noise is related to domestic violence, abuse of another person or a violent incident you must call the police on 999.

If it is not safe or appropriate to talk to them on this matter, or the nuisance continues, you can report it to us.

Report a noise nuisance

In order to investigate and resolve your complaint we may share your information with other services and external agencies.