Apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant

Additional financial assistance for our private sector residents

In addition to the mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant, Welwyn Hatfield Council are also able to provide the following discretionary grants:

Additional Funding for Disabled Facilities

Disabled Facility Grants (DFG’s) for adults are subject to a financial test of resources (means test), which sometimes indicates that some residents are required to contribute towards the cost of the works, but often they cannot afford to do so. We are able to offer financial assistance to cover contributions of up to £5000 which means that more residents will be eligible for the DFG.

Where adaptation works exceed the DFG maximum of £30,000 we are also able to provide a “Top-up Grant” to meet the short fall. This will help with large scale works, for example building an extension to a home to provide a wet room.

Occasionally the disabled adaptations are not possible and moving home is the only solution. The “Moving Home Grant” provides financial assistance of up to £10,000 towards moving costs.

If you are in hospital or have recently been discharged and are in urgent need of a minor adaptation to your property the “Hospital Discharge Grant” can pay for any adaptation up to £5000, such as a handrail, stair lift, or specialised bed

Keeping you safe in your Home

If you have a disability or are vulnerable and are in need of an urgent repair to your property to make it safe, the “Safe as Houses Grant” is available for those who cannot afford the repairs. This grant has a maximum of £5000 and can be used for essential repairs such as heating, hot water, dangerous electrics, leaking roofs etc.

Or you may be in need of some additional security to your home. Our “Crime Prevention Grant” can help with door and window locks, an alarm system or even CCTV.

Do you have a problem with hoarding or know someone who does? Our “Hoarding Grant” will provide financial assistance to declutter your home.

All of the above grants are available to owner occupiers and private sector tenants, however they are subject to certain eligibility criteria and availability of funds. If you are interested in any of the above grants, please contact the Private Sector Housing team who will be happy to help.

By phone on: 01707 357672