Comment on a planning application

How to comment on a planning application

Comments are not confidential. Do not include any information that you would not wish to be made public. You have 21 days from the date the site notice is displayed at the site or the date given in any letter we send you to comment.

Use the link below to comment on a planning application. Find the application you wish to comment on and select 'comment'.

Comment on a planning application

What to include:

  • your name
  • address and email address (but no other personal details such as private telephone numbers or signatures)
  • which application you are commenting on

We won't be able to add your comments if you do not include these. You can read our privacy notice to understand how we process your personal information.

What we will consider

All comments are received but we only consider:

  • those which raise material planning considerations
  • whether the proposal would affect local buildings and facilities as well as the existing use of the land which should be protected.

Comments must not:

  • Be offensive, inflammatory or libellous they won't be considered by the Case Officer. Your representation may be returned to you, or edited by us before it is published.
  • Include any personal names or information. You should use words such as applicant, neighbour, etc.

View the full list of what should not be included in comments on a planning application.

Make a comment on a current application

Visit the planning register find the application you wish to comment on and select 'comment'.

Or, you can ask your local councillor to speak on your behalf.