Planning consent for altering your home

Restrictive covenants on council and leasehold properties

Former council houses or leasehold properties often have covenants in place.

Covenants are rules which you must follow, they are mainly to ensure that:

  • the look of the property is kept as original as possible
  • no activities take place at the property which cause nuisance to neighbours 
  • tenants pay rent and maintain their homes.

When you buy the freehold it may include covenants which mean you need to get permission from us for:

  • any alterations or additions to the building
  • adding new buildings
  • anything else that may have an effect on the property or neighbourhood. 

If you aren't sure if there is a covenant in place seek legal advice or contact our Estates Team on 01707 357 456.

You should also check whether their property is in the Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme (EMS).  If it is you may need to get additional consent for any alterations.