Climate Change Strategy


1.1 Welwyn Hatfield Borough Councils’ (WHBC) Climate Strategy has been developed to take into account the declaration of a Climate Emergency in 2019 and the subsequent Net Zero target by 2030. 2030 is the organisational target and 2050 is the borough wide target.
1.2 The aim of this strategy is to reduce carbon emissions within the Borough as well as ensuring that Welwyn Hatfield are well prepared in dealing with the effects that Climate Change will pose to each and every person.
1.3 WHBC have taken a thorough, evidence-based approach in implementing this strategy using national research and data whilst also commissioning our own reviews to ensure the strategy is fit for purpose and will assist in fulfilling our objectives.
1.4 This strategy will ensure that WHBC plays its part in what is a global effort to counter the effects of Global Warming and to put in place effective mitigative measures.