Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy

Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grants (M)

2.0 Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grants (M1)

Mandatory DFG grants are available for people who are disabled and meet the criteria set out in 2.1 below for eligible works under section 23 of the ‘96 Act that include the following:

  • facilitating access by the disabled occupant to and from the dwelling;
  • making the dwelling safe for the disabled occupant and other persons residing with them; this would include the remedy of any significant hazard identified under the Housing Health and Safety Rating system and any works to assist disabled people including those with dementia or a visual impairment to make changes to their home environment which supports them to live independently for longer and with reduced risks, including palliative/end of life situations.
  • facilitating access around the dwelling;
  • facilitating access by the disabled occupant to, or providing a room used or usable for sleeping;
  • facilitating access by the disabled occupant to, or providing for the disabled occupant, a room in which there is a lavatory and suitable washing facilities;
  • facilitating the preparation and cooking of food by the disabled occupant;
  • improving any heating system in the dwelling to meet the needs of the disabled occupant
  • facilitating the use by the disabled occupant of a source of power, light or heat by altering the position of one or more means of access to or control of that source or by providing additional means of control;
  • facilitating access to and from a garden by a disabled occupant or making access to a garden safe for a disabled occupant.

2.1 Eligibility

All owner-occupiers and tenants (with the exception of Welwyn Hatfield Council Tenants), licensees or occupiers meeting the statutory criteria & financial assessment set out in section 100 of the 96 Act are eligible to apply for DFGs. The DFG maximum is set by the Government and is currently £30,000.

A summary of the application process and the grant conditions can be found in Appendix 2.

2.2. Extended warranties for lifts, wash/dry toilets etc. (M2)

Where available extended manufacturer’s warranty and servicing contract will be provided for all relevant adaptations and equipment (lifts, wash dry toilets, automatic doors etc.) for private tenants and owners.

Housing Associations are expected to take on the responsibility for repairs, servicing and maintenance after the expiry of the manufacturer’s one year warranty.