Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy

Summary of general points (G)


Applicants to follow the respective Council’s Formal Complaints procedure in cases where applicant unhappy with a service or decision.


Disabled Facilities Grants repaid by applicants to be repaid into the Councils DFG budget for reuse.

Eligibility criteria and conditions

Grants monies repaid to be returned to the Council DFG budget from which they were funded.

G3 Passporting benefit

Eligibility criteria and conditions

Council tax support benefit will be considered as a passported benefit for the purposes of the financial means test under the DFG scheme.

G4 Local land charges

Eligibility criteria and conditions

For mandatory DFG grants up to statutory maximum and max value of discretionary top up grant (see D3) for a period of up to ten years.

Amount available

Up to £10,000 mandatory scheme

Full amount of top up discretionary grant amount