Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy

General points (G)

Repair, maintenance, and upkeep of a property remains solely the responsibility of owner/landlord. The Council will target its limited resources to assist the most vulnerable residents in accordance with this policy.

This policy will be implemented in accordance with the Council’s financial regulations and departmental procedures.

No Financial Assistance will be paid or authorised where works have commenced before the council’s written approval.

All Financial / Grants /Assistance will be calculated based on a reasonable cost of eligible works identified by the Council’s Grant Surveyors.

All payments relating to Financial Assistance will be made directly to the contractors / agents unless otherwise specified.

No payment will be made until the relevant work is completed to the Council’s satisfaction.

Further applications for Discretionary Assistance will not normally be considered from an applicant household within three years of the work being completed unless there are extenuating circumstances. E.g., if refusal would lead to significant health impact or a delayed transfer of care

4.1 Exceptions and delegated authority

This policy is not intended to fetter the discretion of the Council as no policy can cover all circumstances and therefore we may have to deal with applications not meeting the requirements of the above policy and criteria. Assistance outside of those set out above can be awarded at the discretion of the Head of Service. Such an award will only be made subject to the provision of the Regulatory Reform (Housing Assistance) England and Wales Order 2002 and subsequent guidance.

This delegation may also include authorisation for housing as an alternative or partnership solution.

4.2 Complaints procedure (G1)

In the event that an applicant for assistance, whether mandatory or discretionary, has cause for dissatisfaction with a service or decision they will be directed to follow the council’s formal complaints procedure.

4.3 Grant funding or part funding repaid by applicants (G2)

Any grant monies repaid by applicants to the council for whatever reason (e.g. breach of grant conditions, ceasing occupation etc.) will be paid into the DFG fund from which they originated in order that the funding can be recycled via further DFGs to other residents in need.

4.4 Council Tax Support to be considered a passported benefit (G3)

Council tax support will be considered as a passported benefit for the purposes of the financial means test under the DFG scheme.

4.5 Review of policy

The policy will be reviewed every three years or as a consequence of changes to funding levels or the cycle of funding allocations.