Rent arrears policy

Policy Statement

2.1 The aim of the policy is to set out the council’s approach to recovering rent arrears in order to be as effective as we can be in minimising tenant debt. This policy will be applied in a firm but fair way, underpinned with early contact and support in order to prevent arrears from accruing and to ensure that a tenant can receive the right advice at the earliest opportunity.

2.2 Rent payments are due in advance in accordance with council tenancy agreement. We aim to ensure value for money by adopting a robust procedure to maximise our income to enable the council to meet its financial obligations.

2.3 The specific objectives of the Rent Arrears Policy are to:

  • Effectively collect rent due and maximise income.
  • Offer comprehensive support to tenants to sustain their tenancies at all stages of the recovery process.
  • When appropriate, take legal action swiftly to minimise arrears increasing ensuring action is proportionate and adheres to all legislative requirements, i.e. Pre-Action Protocol.