RIPA policy

Authorisation forms

The case officer must ensure they have the latest version of the forms. These can be obtained from the home office website.

The initial authorisation form and any renewals will be kept by the authorising officer for the duration of the authorisation. A unique reference number will be allocated by the Senior Responsible Officer. Upon the cessation of the authorisation forms should be sent to the Council’s Senior Responsible Officer for safe custody.

Forms will be stored for a period of five years from the date of the authorisation ceasing. Forms may be recalled by the Authorising Officer or by the officer applying for authorisation if for example the investigation has restarted. Any removal of forms must be accompanied by the completion of a log sheet indicating when the form was removed and by whom.

Any officer who removes forms will be responsible for the safe keeping of those forms. Disciplinary action may be taken against officers who do not comply.

Under no circumstances must the forms that have been removed be altered or amended in any way. Again disciplinary action may be taken for non-compliance.

Forms may be electronically scanned and stored for the sake of practicality