RIPA policy


RIPA has established an independent Tribunal known as the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) made up of senior members of the judiciary and legal profession and is independent of the Government. This tribunal has jurisdiction to investigate and determine complaints against the use of surveillance powers by public authorities (including the council).

The code of practice states that any complaint about the use of surveillance powers should be referred to the IPT, although it is accepted that some complaints may come through the normal council complaint process. Therefore this policy requires any council officer in receipt of a complaint regarding surveillance powers to make the Senior Responsible Officer aware so that the complainant can be advised of their right to refer the matter to the IPT and also the need for any mandatory error investigation and reporting can be considered.

The IPT many be contacted at: Investigatory Powers Tribunal, PO Box 33220, London SW1H 0ZQ

The IPT can advise on any rights of appeal against their decision.

Additionally dependent on the nature of the complaint the complainant may also wish to contact the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman