RIPA policy

Record Keeping

A record of the following information pertaining to all authorisations shall be centrally retrievable within each public authority for a period of at least five years from the ending of each authorisation.

At the Council, this will be held by the Service Director (Resident and Neighbourhood) who is the Council’s Senior Responsible Officer. This information will be regularly updated whenever an authorisation is granted, renewed or cancelled and will be made available for inspection by the relevant commissioner.

  • The type of authorisation
  • The date the authorisation was given
  • Name and grade of the Authorising Officer
  • The unique reference number of the investigation
  • The title of the investigation including a brief description and names of subjects
  • Details of attendances at the magistrates court to include the date of attendance at court, the determining magistrate, the decision of the court and the time and date of that decision
  • The dates of any reviews
  • If the authorisation has been renewed, when it was renewed and who authorised the renewal including the name and grade of the Authorising Officer
  • Whether the investigation is likely to result in obtaining confidential information as defined in the code
  • Whether the authorisation was granted by an individual directly involved in the investigation
  • The date the authorisation was cancelled

The following documentation will also be held centrally:

  • A copy of the application and a copy of the authorisation together with any supplementary documentation and notification of the approval given by the authorising officer
  • A record of the period over which the surveillance has taken place
  • The frequency of reviews prescribed by the Authorisation Officer
  • A record of the result of each review of the authorisation
  • A copy of any renewal of an authorisation together with any supporting documentation submitted when the renewal was requested
  • The date and time when any instruction to cease surveillance was given
  • The date and time when any other instruction was given by the authorisation officer
  • A copy of the order approving or otherwise the grant or renewal of an authorisation from a JP/Magistrate 

The Council will ensure that arrangements are in place for the secure handling, storage and destruction of material obtained through the use of directed or intrusive surveillance. Authorising Officers will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the appropriate data protection requirements under the Data Protection Act 2018, The General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and any relevant codes of practice relating to the handling and storage of material.