Tenancy fraud policy

Impact of tenancy Fraud

Tenancy fraud detrimentally affects WHBC, tenants and sub-tenants and the consequences of fraudulently used properties includes:

i. The property is more likely to be neglected and in a state of disrepair, leading to WHBC incurring greater costs to rectify these issues.

ii. There is a greater likelihood that the property will be associated with anti-social behaviour and crime.

iii. The sub-tenant may be unaware of their situation, finding themselves at risk of financial losses, eviction and/or homelessness.

iv. WHBC can incur significant and potentially irretrievable financial losses if a fraudulent 'Right to Buy' application is not identified. The loss of a property in this manner precludes it from being allocated to an applicant in genuine need.

v. There is a risk to reputation for failing to investigate tenancy fraud as well as a cost burden of investigation and court proceedings.

vi. Applicants in genuine need are prevented from accessing social housing, leading to longer waiting times in overcrowded or temporary accommodation.