Tenancy fraud policy

Prevention of Tenancy Fraud

To reduce the risk of tenancy fraud occurring we will request that a declaration is signed to confirm true and accurate information has been provided and we will seek to verify any information provided by tenants and prospective tenants and in the following circumstances:

i. Upon completing a housing application form and, having met the criteria, being awarded a Band C priority or above (Band D priority is verified at 18 months after an application is made or when an applicant is over 60). The verification process will include requiring photo ID which remains on file, confirming residency history and any other property interests.

ii. Once an offer of accommodation has been accepted.

iii. When a request is made to assign, succeed or mutually exchange a tenancy.

iv. When a flexible tenancy is reviewed at the end of the flexible five year term.

v. When an application for the 'Right to Buy' is made.

We may cross reference the data we receive with external agencies, such as the National Anti-Fraud Network to ensure that the information provided is valid and authentic. We may also retain copies of identification provided at sign-up. The council also provides data for the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) which is an exercise that matches electronic data within and between public and private sector bodies to prevent and detect fraud.