Brownfield Land Register

The register lists all of the brownfield (previously-developed) sites in Welwyn Hatfield, if:

  • they are larger than 0.25 hectares or,
  • with a capacity of 5 or more dwellings,
  • and would be suitable for development and have a prospect of coming forward within a 15-year period.

The Register is prepared in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017.

There are two parts to the register:

  • Part 1 is mandatory, and lists all brownfield sites which meet the requirements above
  • Part 2 is optional, and allows planning authorities to grant Permission in Principle (PiP) to any site on Part 1 of the register. A grant of PiP establishes the acceptability of development on a site, although this process still requires developers to submit a subsequent Technical Details Consent prior to starting work in order to consider issues such as design and parking.

Tell us about a brownfield site

If you are a landowner or agent wishing to promote a site for inclusion on the Brownfield Land Register, contact us at or call us on 01707 357 532. Promoted sites will be considered for inclusion in the next review of the Brownfield Land Register.

View the register

View the Brownfield Land Register