Subscribe to garden waste collection

Direct debits and payments

There is an annual charge for garden waste (brown bin) collections in Welwyn Hatfield.

If you haven't signed up before Subscribe for the Garden Waste Service. Or, you can pay by phone.

If you subscribed to the service last year you will receive an email or letter with a Customer Account Number that is unique to you.

Confirming your payment

Once you have paid or set up your Direct Debit, you will get an email or letter confirming your payment.

You will also get stickers to put on your brown bin(s) within 10 working days.

Your property will be added to our database so that collection crews will know which bins to empty.

Existing Direct Debits

You do not need to set up another Direct Debit if you set one up last year.

Your next payment will be taken in March on the date you selected. Your bin will then be collected for the next 12 months.

We will contact you to advise you of your payment date by email.


If you have been contacted by us about an overpayment last year you should contact us on 01707 357000. You will not be able to pay your remaining subscription payment for this year.

Cancelling your Direct Debit

You have the right to cancel your direct debit under the Direct Debit guarantee.

Cancel your direct debit through your bank. We are unable to cancel your direct debit for you.

Changing the date of your Direct Debit

You can change the date that your payment is taken to the 1st, 8th, 15th or 22nd of the month.

Contact us if you need to change your payment date.

Failed Direct Debit payments

We will not attempt to take your Direct Debit payment again if it fails the first time. If your payment does fail, your Direct Debit will be cancelled.

If your Direct Debit payment fails and you would like to continue receiving the service you can request a new garden waste collection.