Subscribe to garden waste collection

More information about garden waste collections

If you do wish to subscribe to the service

The garden waste collection service is optional. Only those properties that have chosen to subscribe will have their garden waste collected.

If you do not wish to use the service, you will be responsible for ensuring that your garden waste is managed and disposed of correctly.

You can do this by taking your garden waste to your local household waste and recycling centre or composting at home.

Fee increases

This year the cost has increased to £55 for the first bin subscription and to £85 for the second.

This decision has not been made lightly but like many councils we have had to set our budget in a time of high levels of inflation and cost of living crisis.

The council has tried to minimise the increase as much as possible. However, due to the high level of inflationary pressure and in line with the Council’s fees and charges strategy, all fees and charges have been increased by 10% unless there is a clear rationale for an alternative approach

Sharing bins

You can share a bin between neighbours. The bin can only be allocated to one address.

Rented properties

If you live in a rented property you or your landlord can subscribe to the service. Please bear in mind that the bin/s are assigned to the property not the occupant/s.

Landlords and managing agents can pay for more than one property at once, contact us for guidance.

If you live in a flat

If you already have a brown bin, you can pay for a subscription. The subscription has to be assigned to only one address, so you will need to agree this with your neighbours.

Concessionary rates

Concessionary rates are not available. Charging different amounts would complicate the service administration, making it more costly and time consuming to run. Keeping to just one pricing level means we have been able to introduce a lower charge for all.

Assisted Collections

If you subscribe to the garden waste service and you already recieve our assisted collection, this will not change and you will continue to receive your service as usual.

Missed bins:

If your bin is missed, please report it to us within two working days. We will return for missed bins which are presented correctly and in accordance with our guidelines.

Contaminated bins

We cannot empty bins if they contain the wrong items.

If your bin is contaminated, you can:

  • Carefully sort through the bin to remove what should not be in there (if you are able) and we will collect it on your next scheduled collection day.
  • Or, contact us and we can arrange to empty your bin within 10 working days (for a charge of £16.47). As the waste is contaminated, it may be disposed of.

Collections in bad weather

Collections may be disrupted due to bad weather, such as snow. We will make every effort to return for any delayed bin collections, however waste collections may be cancelled on some occasions. There will be no refunds in these instances.