French Horn Lane Area

All public verges and footways in the roads listed below have a parking prohibition restriction. The restrictions apply at all times, and any vehicle seen by the Civil Enforcement Officers parking on the public verge or footway, will be issued a Penalty Charge Notice. If you see any vehicles parked in such a manner in these roads, please contact 01279 655261.

If such parking is occurring in any road that is not listed on this page, please contact 01707 357000 and a report can be made to our Street Wardens.

If your road/area is not listed you can request it is considered for a future parking consultation.


  • Brain Close
  • Breaks Road
  • Beaconsfield Road
  • Bury Road
  • Endymion Road
  • Cranborne Road
  • French Horn Lane
  • Glebeland
  • Goldings Crescent
  • Hollier Court
  • Howe Dell
  • Link Close
  • Link Drive
  • Oaklands Wood
  • Old French Horn Lane
  • Old Rectory Drive
  • Onslow Close
  • St Albans Road East
  • St Etheldredas Drive
  • School Lane
  • Wood Close
  • Wood Vale