Roe Green/Lemsford Road

All public verges and footways in the roads listed below have a parking prohibition restriction. The restrictions apply at all times, and any vehicle seen by the Civil Enforcement Officers parking on the public verge or footway, will be issued a Penalty Charge Notice. If you see any vehicles parked in such a manner in these roads, please contact 01279 655261.

If such parking is occurring in any road that is not listed on this page, please contact 01707 357000 and a report can be made to our Street Wardens.

If your road/area is not listed you can request it is considered for a future parking consultation.


  • Alban Court
  • Burfield Close
  • Comet Road
  • Coombe Close
  • Days Close
  • Days Mead
  • De Havilland Close
  • Ely Close
  • Fiddlebridge Lane
  • Harmony Close
  • Haven Close
  • Jasmine Gardens
  • Lemsford Road
  • Malvern Close
  • Meadow Croft
  • Meadow Dell
  • Middlefield
  • Oak Tree Close
  • Orchard Mead
  • Pond Croft
  • Queensway
  • Roe Green Lane
  • St Albans Road West
  • St Lukes Court
  • St Peters Close
  • Stockbreach Close
  • Stockbreach Road
  • St Peters Close
  • The Common
  • The Minims
  • The Paddock
  • Town Fields
  • Walsingham Close
  • Wellfield Close
  • Wellfield Road
  • Wenham Place
  • Worcester Road