Apply for a House of Multiple Occupation Licence

Apply for a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licence

If you are renting out a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) which has five or more unrelated people occupying it you will need to apply for a licence.

Contact us if you are unsure about whether your property needs a licence. A licence is valid for up to five years.

Apply online using the link below.

You will need:

Apply for a HMO licence*

* opens a link to the GOV.UK website in an new window

Next steps

Once we have checked the application is valid, we will:

  • write to you to arrange a licence inspection
  • consult with our other departments to check that the licence holder and manager is a 'fit and proper' person
  • send a notice of intent to grant a licence giving 21 days to make representation (if nothing is identified at the inspection or the consultation)
  • issue the licence (if no representation is received within the 21 days)

It normally takes three months to process a straight forward application, but could take up to a year.