Climate Change Strategy

Climate Action Plan (CAP)

3.1 As part of the development of this strategy, the CAP has been updated and designed to identify a wide-ranging type of action that WHBC will need to investigate, implement and manage in order for the Net Zero target to be achieved.

3.2 The CAP will form part of an ongoing target to reduce the carbon emissions of WHBC and therefore is not a final plan, the actions contained should not be viewed as a definitive list. It should not be considered that all of the CAP actions will be delivered, we continue to assess the viability to ensure projects with high carbon reduction and value for money are achieved.

3.3 Going further than carbon reduction our CAP will continue to develop ongoing actions which will look at areas that include:

  • Waste / Recycling
  • Biodiversity
  • Procurement of Services
  • Housing and Planning
  • Adaptations to tackle the changing climate 
  • Business and Economic Development
  • Transport

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