Housing, homelessness and rough sleeping strategy

The Challenges

Housing Supply

  • A number of barriers have hindered our ambitions to increase housing supply in the area.
  • Financial - historical restrictions on council borrowing (recently overturned).
  • We have large areas of green belt land, which we cannot build on and a severe shortage of brown field land.
  • We are in competition with other providers and developers when any brown field land becomes available.
  • Despite an ambitious affordable housing delivery programme, we struggle to replace the number of homes sold under the right to buy.

The Local Housing Market

  • Social rented housing is in decline due to right to buy and the growing use of the "affordable housing" model.
  • High cost of home ownership - less people can afford to buy in the area.
  • The demand for private rented housing is out growing supply, resulting in households also being priced out of this market


  • The reduction in housing related support has increased the number of people needing homeless services with more complex needs and the number of rough sleepers is growing.
  • The new legislation means we are required to help more people for longer.
  • Welfare reform, benefit capping, universal credit and freezing of local housing allowances has created affordability pressures resulting in households (including working households) losing their homes.