Anti social behaviour policy

Victim and Witness Support

10.1 We understand that victims of ASB may be vulnerable for a number of reasons and that a person's vulnerability may change during the course of a case. A risk assessment will therefore be carried out at the initial stages and then reviewed as necessary or if the risk level increases.

10.2 We will participate in local multi-agency arrangements for safeguarding where appropriate for us to do so.

10.3 Suffering from ASB and hate crime is an unpleasant experience whether there are vulnerabilities or not and therefore we offer all complainants a level of support appropriate to their needs and the circumstances of the case. This may include:

  • Offering a variety of channels through which to report ASB and hate crime
  • Managing expectations fairly and early in the case
  • Ensuring the complainant has a point of contact
  • Agreeing a realistic action plan
  • Conducting regular case reviews

10.4 Where we identify safety concerns we will work with partners to provide additional security measures such as visits from officers, additional locks or security lighting and personal alarms.

10.5 Where legal action is required and witness evidence is necessary, we will support the witness through the court process with pre-court visits, practical advice on etiquette of court and reasonable travel and childcare expenses.