Anti social behaviour policy

Examples of ASB

5.1 We will establish whether a report is ASB based on the behaviour, the impact and context of each case. Therefore we cannot produce a comprehensive list of behaviours that we consider to be ASB, but the following gives examples that we are likely to consider to be ASB:

  • Personal ASB - behaviour targeted towards a particular individual e.g. violence, threats of violence, hate crime, abuse etc.
  • Community ASB - behaviour that affects a number of people in the community e.g. noise, animal nuisance, drug or substance misuse, damage to property
  • Environmental ASB - behaviour such as littering, fly-tipping, dog fouling etc.

5.2 There will be occasions where behaviour reported to us will not be defined as ASB. This will be determined on a case by case basis and the reasons may include:

  • The behaviour does not meet the definition of ASB.
  • There is no pattern or persistency and the incident is minor (i.e. a one off party that has caused a disturbance and there is no foreseeable risk of a repeat incident).
  • The behaviour relates to a dispute between neighbours - sometimes we will live next to people we do not get on with and these issues should try and be resolved by the parties involved rather than relying on us to do so. Exceptions would be where there is a clear and/or vulnerable victim or the behaviour is affecting the wider community (in relation to the latter example it is likely we will take action against all parties involved in the dispute).
  • Where the behaviour is not unreasonable such as: mowing lawns or other garden maintenance, carrying out DIY at reasonable hours, noise generated by everyday living, e.g. walking across laminate floor wearing shoes or a baby crying, noise from domestic appliances, noise disturbance relating to shift patterns, cooking smells, children playing in the locality or a designated play area, ball games, BBQ's, bonfires and parking disputes.

5.3 This is not an exhaustive list and each complaint will be independently assessed as to whether it is reasonable or not. Behaviour may cause a nuisance to the complainant but not be ASB, we will assess reasonableness in these circumstances and may refer to a more appropriate team or agency.